Welcome to SGT Engineering, Inc.

SGT Engineering is a professional engineering sciences firm specializing in geotechnical, structural, environmental, civil, and hydrological engineering. We are constantly studying existing and emerging hydraulic, hydrologic and the physical processes they are intended to represent;  collecting data; and developing, testing and applying new procedures to solve complex earth science problems. Our experience encompasses a wide range of building forms, materials and structural systems. We offer assessments of existing and potential sinkholes affecting building sites and structures. SGT Engineering is a Licensed Professional Engineering Incorporation.


Our Mission & Vision

With our commitment to safety, sustainability and client satisfaction, we take pride in creating new connections and affiliations and maintaining long-term client relationships through our commitment to provide consistent high-quality services.

Our Process

Our Design Process is the execution of three distinct, critical steps to bring your design project to completion; Discover, Design, and Install. We discover your personality, design aesthetic, family and entertainment needs, your wants and desires, then we custom design every aspect of your project and install each element.


Discovery is all about learning about you so we can create a space that is a reflection of your own unique design style


We take what we have discovered and establish the scope of your design project and create a Design Plan

3. Design

After researching and discovering your individual needs, we hit our drawing boards and develop ideas and solutions


We’ll place every design element and see your project through to completion, we can’t wait to see your design come to life!

What We Offer


We can provide innovative design services that are tailored to the client’s projects using robust 3D CAD and AutoCAD. We can develop residential and commercial designs as well as renovation and remodeling plans.

Design + Build

We can provide integrated design, planning and construction services that minimize risks for the project owner and reduces the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project.


We can offer services that can produce a variety of buildings, big and small. We can bring any design to life and complete every project. We have expert construction management and administration.


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